Wireless industry to be determined this week

The wireless industry in Canada will have some important issues decided on this week as the CRTC meets with the industry’s juggernauts. The companies that control the wireless industry in Canada like Rogers, Bell and Shaw also happen to control a lot of the content that we watch on TV. Since wireless devices are beginning to replace our TV’s in how we consume content such as shows, this is a big issue for smaller wireless providers in Canada.

Take Rogers as an example. They own the Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s only Major League Baseball team. Unless the government says otherwise, they can have a monopoly on all Blue Jays games on wireless devices. Since Rogers, Bell and Shaw are so vertically integrated and own so much of the content, there are many examples such as this one. Aside from small wireless providers, the other victim in this is the consumer.

If these large wireless providers are able to put restrictions or charge the smaller providers for content such as the Blue Jays, then consumers will not have a fair choice when they decide which company to go with. This will result in higher prices and bad customer service, two things that Canadians are already very familiar with when it comes to wireless providers.

The government should make this a freer market by not allowing monopolies on wireless content. Instead, companies large and small in this space should compete strictly on customer service and price. Hopefully the CRTC will see it the same way because consumers deserve better than the status quo.