Wind turbines can help grow crops by changing temperature

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I recently read an interesting article in a reputable online science news site called Science Daily (click here to read it). It highlighted new findings from a study that looked at if and how wind turbines affect the temperature of the area they are located in. The study showed that in fact, wind turbines made the day time temperature slightly cooler and the night time temperature slightly warmer. Although this depends a lot on the region it is located in, this can be meaningful in several ways.

Firstly, this knowledge will help plan where to set up wind farms as some regions may not want cooler days and warmer nights. Also, some regions may not be affected by this at all so they may have nothing to worry about. However, perhaps the most interesting result from this could be that farmers will be more eager to have these wind turbines on their property now. In some regions like the U.S. Midwest, night time during the late summer and throughout the fall can get chilly. By warming up the night time temperature, it can actually extend the growing season for crops. This can be very important because a lot people are reluctant to place wind turbines on their property because of the view and noise, among other reasons. However, the fact that a wind turbine can increase their farming productivity could be a game changer.

It is important that more people embrace wind farms on their property because they can be an important part of a renewable energy policy. If they can also make the growing season for crops longer it will add to their value. Farmers can now earn money by having these wind turbines on their land, plus earn more from farming due to longer crop growing seasons. Maybe its time farmers revisit the prospect of placing wind turbines on their land.