Will Sarah Palin run for President in 2012?

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This past Friday, Sarah Palin attended and spoke at a Republic Party fundraiser in Iowa. The location alone (Iowa) generated enough buzz about her potential Presidential run to reach headline status on major news outlets. So what’s the big deal about Iowa you ask? Well, Iowa is usually the first state that candidates go to as the start of their campaign. Just by having Sarah Palin speak at a Republican Party fundraiser in that state makes a lot of people wonder if she is considering running for President in 2012.

She has not given a clear indication on her plans and it seems that there is a good chance she will try if she believes she has a chance to win. For the incumbent, President Obama, there probably can not be a better opponent to run against. Although she definitely has her fan base out there, she lacks a lot of what is required to be the President of the United States. For starters, she isn’t very smart. I know, I’m being brutally honest, but it has to be said. I would actually pay money to see her in a debate against the president because it would be like watching LeBron James paying basketball against an 8 year old. It would be funny to watch.

By her not snowmobiling in to the sunset by now shows that she lives in a bubble. She is surrounded by far right Republicans, many of which are now Tea Party supporters. Their average level of intelligence, wisdom, common sense and knowledge about the world leaves much to be desired. The only reason she has any success in politics is because unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people out there. Sorry Sarah, the truth hurts sometimes.