Why we hate some companies

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In just about every developed country there are certain companies that the public likes to insult, hate and look down upon. They are often companies from within their own country and not foreign, although there are several exceptions. The most recent one is of course, BP in the United States. The reasons Americans hate BP are obvious though.

In Canada, Rogers and Bell take the cake for the most hated companies. These two companies are hated for similar reasons as many other hated companies around the world. They didn’t commit a crime or behave in an extremely unethical way, but they are hated for certain processes they use. When a company is hated for something bad that they did like cooking their books, unnecessary polluting or unfair labour practices, it is usually not the same as hating a company that didn’t do something that bad. In fact, often times it is better to be a company that was hated for something bad that they did but is otherwise not hated.

A good example of this is Nike. The sports apparel giant went through some tough stretches a few years back when it was reported that they treated labourers in foreign countries poorly. They received a ton of criticism and some groups even boycotted them. They were in the press and much of the public shook their head at them. However, that has long past and with some PR work from Nike, people essentially forgot about all that and they are once again the company we all turn to for sneakers and sports clothing.

However, if you look at a company like Rogers, which is a large Canadian telecom and cable TV company, they never had such negative press or accusations. Still, if you took a poll in Canada about which company Canadians hate more between Nike and Rogers, I can guarantee that over 90% of people would choose Rogers. So what did Rogers and Bell for that matter, do to become so hated by everyone that knows them?

To start, they waste peoples’ time. When you need a technician to come to your home they usually give a 5 hour window. You don’t know when in that window they will arrive so you basically have to kill your entire day waiting for them. If you need to call them to go over a technical issue or billing issue (which happens way too frequently with these companies) then you will be transferred 10 times before you reach the person you need. Also, their inbound call centres are not all trained on the same information. More often than not, when you call Rogers for any reason, you are likely to receive contradictory information from different customer service reps you speak to.

Another reason these companies are hated is that they give discounts to entice customers to buy their service but they try to squeeze every penny from existing customers. They are very reluctant to offer new discounts to returning customers, which only works for them because of the lack of competition.

The lack of competition really fuels how these companies conduct their business. Many countries have laws to encourage local business and discourage foreign competition. If large foreign competitors were allowed to compete in Canada in these industries, we would see Rogers and Bell care about customers more and waste less of our time. That means that in addition to these companies, we really should hate the government until they change their laws to allow foreign competition.