Why Muslim world is revolting

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There are a bunch of reasons why we are seeing people in the Arab and Muslim world in the Middle East revolting and protesting against their governments. Things like lack of opportunity, rising food prices and seeing through the internet that the outside world is better in just about every way are all important reasons for the unrest. However, there are two underlying reasons that make all the previous ones I mentioned exist in these countries.

These dictatorships have an old school setup which is obsolete in today’s world. In fact, it was obsolete when they came to power within the second half of the last century, but it took time to see the fallout. The second major reason for the unrest there is related to the first and it is because these governments rely too heavily on religion. For business and opportunity, religion is like a bad sleeping pill. It makes you groggy and slow to adapt. It doesn’t really work well, yet it prevents you from doing anything meaningful. The more religion a government uses to run its government, the less successful that country will be.

This, along with old school dictatorships that think this is the 1500′s make the Middle East (Israel excluded) a ticking time bomb. For many of these ultra-repressive countries like Syria and Iran, all it takes is some technological work around that allows people to use an uncensored internet regardless of what the government censors and a lot of courage from the repressed people and these dictatorships will crumble like a Jenga tower. I am sure that some company or companies in Silicon Valley or somewhere else are already working on such a technology. Eventually Iran, Syria and other repressive countries will not be able to hide the real world from their people. When these people see how much better and freer the rest of the world is, they will be inspired like never before. Let’s hope that happens soon in some of these countries.