Why is China quiet over North Korea?

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As I’m sure you heard by now, North Korea attacked South Korea for no apparent reason. Well, they had a reason but it didn’t really involve the victim in the act. However, there is one country in the region that could easily have prevented this and could stop something like this or worse from happening again. You may be thinking the U.S.A., but if so, you’re wrong. That country is actually China.

 As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and as is also well known to many people, North Korea periodically does things like this in order to get the United States’ attention. They want the U.S. to talk directly with them. This will give them the respect they are looking for and will give them the chance to gain big economic and political benefits they so desperately need. However, the U.S. is not giving them this and is instead only talking to them within a group of six countries (the U.S., South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan and Russia). North Korea was even more upset recently when President Obama went to that region and did not even mention North Korea.

Regardless, China has the power and ability to tell North Korea to stop it and they likely would listen. China is perhaps the only powerful country to have any kind of relations with North Korea and that is obviously crucial to the isolated country (politically speaking). However, China has its own agenda in all this.

For one, China shares a border with North Korea and that alone is a delicate situation for them that they don’t want ending in mass migration to their country. In addition, China doesn’t mind having North Korea be a thorn to the side of the U.S., South Korea and Japan. These countries are all competitors, economically speaking and slowly but surely, militarily speaking as well. Having to spend resources on North Korea allows China to have that advantage. Of course China doesn’t want this to escalate in to an all out war because even China would not benefit from that. However, there is no certainty that China will be able to contain North Korea once things get out of hand. Basically, China is playing with fire by not doing anything and they can end up getting burned as well.