Who to blame for obesity: people or companies?

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The Western world has a serious obesity and child obesity problem. The U.S. leads the way in this horrible statistic, with Canada very close behind and the rest of the developed world not far as well. We know that certain foods contribute greatly to the obesity problem such as processed foods. So should we blame food companies for making and marketing these foods to us and our children or should we blame the people who purchase and consume these foods?

We can’t really blame the children because they generally lack the discipline to not eat these foods, especially when the marketing is so effective. However, not all children are obese even though the obesity rate is still increasing. In fact, there are many adults and children that are not obese at all. So is it that these people happen to not like these foods or that they are somehow immune to the marketing efforts of these companies? In some of these people this may be the case, especially for some healthy adults (kids are less immune to marketing of unhealthy snacks). However, the marketing efforts generally do work on the vast majority of people to some degree.

The companies that market these unhealthy processed foods are not to blame in most cases for the obesity problem. They are not breaking any laws, unless they illegally mislead (in which case they get penalized and forced to stop it). The companies are simply giving people what they want. This is exactly what they should be doing since people are paying good money for these products. Sure, companies do need to be socially responsible but that shouldn’t come at the expense of making and selling products that people want to buy.

The problem is with people. There is enough accurate education and information out there in the Western world for all people to know how to avoid obesity. The concept is simple. 1. ┬áSimply eat these foods in moderation as part of a healthy diet that actually includes healthy foods and 2. Get off your butt and exercise. Doing these two things will cure the obesity problem for almost everyone (except the relative few with genetic disorders). Adults are in charge of the children’s diet. When both they and their kids are obese then something is wrong with that adult and their parenting. I know it sounds harsh, but the truth hurts sometimes.