Who should win the Golden Globes?

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I have seen four of the five movies nominated for Best Motion Picture- Drama at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards this year. The only movie in the list that I have not seen is The King’s Speech. I plan to watch it as well at some point but, I could not resist talking about it now because I recently saw Black Swan and The Fighter.

The five movies nominated for the Golden Globe Awards this year (meaning 2010/2011) Best Motion Picture- Drama are: Black Swan, The Fighter, The King’s Speech, The Social Network and Inception. I obviously can’t choose The King’s Speech because I haven’t seen it yet, but from the other four movies in this category I would have to choose The Social Network. I thought all four movies were good and entertaining in different ways, but The Social Network was the most interesting, had very good acting, was well scripted and overall well made.

When a movie is nominated for such an award, I am always looking for flaws in the storyline or production. Black Swan had two major flaws that I noticed. One had to do with the storyline which I won’t reveal because it will ruin the ending for you. The second flaw had to do with the film making. On more than one occasion, I noticed that when Natalie Portman’s character is tying up her ballet shoes, it is not actually her hands doing it. I may be the only person to notice this but I find it to be a big flaw in production and I think if the people in charge of nominations at the Golden Globes would notice it, they might have reconsidered nominating it.

Regardless, that is not why I didn’t choose Black Swan as the best movie. The Fighter and The Social Network were both better movies overall. The Fighter came in at a close second place to me because although I thought The Social Network was better made and more consistently entertaining, I am a fan of Boxing, Mark Wahlberg and the real Micky Ward. Also, Christian Bale, who I feel is usually a bad actor with the same facial expression in every movie did a great job in The Fighter and deserves to win an award for his performance.

So now that you know which movie I chose we will see in Mid January if the award show organizers felt the same way. If they don’t agree with me and you haven’t seen the movies yourself, then just trust that I was right and they were wrong.