Who is the best world leader in the last 20 years?

? Pictures, Images and PhotosA question arose in my mind recently that got me thinking. Who is the best world leader since 1990? By best I mean the smartest, the most capable, the most successful and any other adjective that fits this question. Now I obviously don’t know all the people that have been world leaders since 1990. I may also have different opinions and various levels of knowledge about certain world leaders than other people. I would be interested to know who you think has been the best world leader in the last twenty years.

My top choice for best world leader in the last twenty years is Bill Clinton. I believe he is the most intelligent leader the world has had over that time period and likely one of the smartest people in the world overall since 1990. He led the U.S. to great economic success during his Presidency and is still very well respected everywhere in the world. He also has great ideas even today and has an exceptional way of explaining very complex issues in a way that a child can understand.

My second choice is actually a tie between two individuals. The reason I have to call it a tie is because both of these people have not completed their stint as world leader for very different reasons. Those two leaders are Ariel Sharon and Barack Obama. Sharon was a great world leader and Prime Minister of Israel. He did not complete his time in this role because he had a stroke and has been in a permanent vegetative state since. In his time he kept his enemies at bay and pulled out of Gaza unilaterally. He also established a new political party in Israel that is the most middle of the road vision of all the political parties there. Like Clinton, Sharon is also extremely intelligent and has a great understanding of how the world works and what ideas are best suited to succeed in it. He is not as charismatic as Bill Clinton, but his intelligence and record is incredible.

President Barack Obama has an undeniable intelligence. He is only 2.5 years into his Presidency so it is too early to judge him on the things he has not accomplished because he still may in due time. However, his intelligence, charisma and the fact that he inspired the world perhaps more than anyone else in 100 years puts him in this very short list. I even give him some of the credit for the Arab Spring the Middle East and North Africa is going through. After all, they see him as having a lot in common with them since his dad was at one time a Muslim and was African. He also gave a speech in Egypt and many people in the region were inspired by it. I won’t go into his accomplishments as President because you can Google them yourself, but he has a chance to be a great President, particularly if the economy turns around.

Share your pick(s) on this topic and comment on mine.