What if Jack Layton were Prime Minister?

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For those that do not follow Canadian politics or this election cycle very closely, the question in the headline may seem like an imaginary scenario. However, there is a real and legitimate chance that NDP leader, Jack Layton will become the Prime Minister of Canada after the May 2 election. He will likely not win the most seats in the election. However, if Conservative leader, Stephen Harper falls short of winning a majority, then his minority victory may not be able to form a government. The other parties have already hinted that they will not work with him which means he will not able to form a government. In such a case, the second place finisher will have his chance.

That man appears to be Jack Layton. In recent days, he has surpassed the Liberals for second place in the polls. He likely will be able to form a coalition government once Harper fails and we will see not only an NDP government with Jack Layton as Prime Minister, but also a Prime Minister that didn’t even win an election. The idea that someone can lose an election and still become Prime Minister feels so wrong and should be made illegal.

Anyways, let’s look at what a Jack Layton led Canada would look like. First, corporate taxes would increase. This means that some companies would look to save money in other areas like capital investments and hiring. Next, businesses would have to deal with a new carbon tax which could significantly hamper Canada’s ability to compete with the U.S. and other markets. The final change we could see if Layton became Prime Minister is the beginning of the end of a Canada that includes Quebec. Although Layton would like to have Quebec stay in Canada, he is willing to open the constitution for Quebec. He also wants to recognize Quebec as a nation within Canada. These ideas may sound nice and inclusive, but the momentum this will generate for separatists will be overwhelming and seriously risk another referendum that will yield a different result than the last time. Make no mistake, Quebec separating from Canada will cause a lot of damage to the Canadian economy in many ways.

The only way to avoid this terrible scenario is to vote for the Conservatives. I don’t usually like to pick a candidate because it’s up to the voter and frankly, all these politicians are not that great. However, it looks clear to me that a Conservative majority is much better than an NDP led coalition with Jack Layton as Prime Minister. Therefore, in this election you should vote Conservative.