What happened to Netflix in Canada?

netflix button Pictures, Images and Photos One year ago this month Netflix launched their movie and TV show streaming service in Canada. With all the buzz being generated from the U.S., Canadians were excited about the prospect of being able to stream unlimited content on their TV for a reasonable flat monthly fee. Canadians are not used to content being anything close to reasonably priced so Netflix had a real opportunity to be very successful in Canada.

For a big chunk of their first year in the Canadian market they were received well. They offered a trial month for free and the general feedback was that most people that tried it got hooked and became paying customers. However, I recently tried Netflix for the first time in several months and was disappointed. Many of the movies available were not known to me. I never realized how many movies were made that no one ever heard of. The new releases were no where to be found. The same can be said for many TV shows. This was a surprise to me so I asked some of the same people that originally liked Netflix when they first tried it several months back. They all said the same thing. Netflix has gone downhill, at least in Canada.

In the U.S., Starz Entertainment which is very important to many of the big name movies and TV shows that are found on Netflix (although they are obviously missing in Canada) said that they will no longer provide that content as of Feb. 28, 2012. Unless Netflix can find a suitable replacement deal with someone, it will seriously hurt their business. Overall, I think Netflix is no longer very good in Canada and if they don’t turn it around soon, they will eventually fail. In the U.S. their future relies heavily on being able to find a replacement for Starz. I’m not sure they will be able to and for this reason I don’t think the future is as bright as it once appeared for them.