Watch Egypt in Israel-Hamas violence

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We may be in the early stages of what will be another war or flare up in violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. It started on Thursday when terrorists from Gaza entered Israel through Sinai in Egypt and attacked civilians. This led Israel to attack back which resulted in the death of the terrorists involved, as well as, Egyptian soldiers (that may have participated or aided the terrorists actions, but this is not yet clear). After that incident, Israel launched air strikes in Gaza against Hamas since they are either directly or indirectly responsible for the attacks, which led to rockets being launched by Hamas into Israel.

As you would guess, this evolved to more air strikes, followed by more rockets. However, Hamas said they would no longer abide by an unofficial “truce” from a couple of years ago. This means we may be in for another operation or even war. If this does occur it will be the first time there will be real military actions in the region since the Arab Spring, specifically the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Although the former Egyptian dictator was overall bad for Egypt, the one good thing he did was keep the peace with Israel and realize that Hamas is bad for his country as well. Egyptian citizens lack the accurate information and education to know that this is true. Therefore, they are more anti-Israel and pro-Hamas.

If a new round of violence or military operations commence in Gaza, Egypt will actually be the focal point. Everyone will be watching to see how the Egyptian military reacts to the situation. Will they be tough with Hamas like they were under Mubarak, thereby helping Israel? Will they do nothing, thereby helping Hamas by letting them use their land and border to hide and transfer weapons? Will they actively help Hamas, thus throwing the region into an even more unstable situation? The next few days and weeks may be very telling in how the new Egypt will conduct itself with Israel.