Uprising in Syria leaves U.S. unsure

President Bashar Assad Pictures, Images and Photos Syria is undergoing an uprising similar to what we have gotten use to after seeing it Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other Muslim countries. The dictator in Syria has followed the path of violence like in Libya and Iran versus a more peaceful approach like in Egypt and Tunisia. Although the people of Syria clearly want to get rid of their dictator, the U.S. is very careful and unsure about how to handle this particular case.

Syria is in an even more unique situation in their international standing than a lot of the other countries that had uprisings. They are technically still in a state of war with Israel, although the two countries have not directly battled each other for many years. Instead of fighting with Israel directly, they are supporting terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas in the region to do their bidding. In addition, Syria has a better relationship with Iran than just about any other country on earth at the moment. In fact, the U.S. says they that Iran is providing Syria with equipment to squash the protests.

You would think that the U.S. and allies would be thrilled that Syrian President Assad’s reign is in jeopardy. If his dictatorship falls, it may be just what is needed to push the Iranian people over the hump and topple the awful Iranian dictators as well. This would make the world a much safer place. However, the concern is that no one knows what the Syrian people will do after toppling their dictator. The Syrian people have been fed nothing but inaccurate information and education about Israel which causes them to hate them and makes them believe that they should fight with them instead of making peace like they should. This scenario would make matters even worse than is the case right now and thus, the U.S. is very careful in what they say and do.

So far, President Obama has made strong statements about President Assad not listening to his people, but he stopped just short of issuing a statement live on TV calling the Syrian dictator by name and demanding that he step down, like he did with former Egyptian President Mubarak. It will be very interesting to see how the U.S. handles this situation over the next several days. If warranted, I will follow up on this issue.