UK to triple tuition rates

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In an effort to reduce their massive budget deficit, the UK government has passed legislation that will increase tuition rates for students by as much as three times the current rate. This is a huge jump in price and one that is creating a lot of turmoil in the country at the moment. If you’ve seen or read any news reports out of that country over the last few days, you certainly have seen the protests, which have been violent at times and are all as a result of this issue.

Obviously something had to be done and either spending had to decrease and/or taxes had to increase in order to get the budget deficit under control. This tuition rate jump is certainly not the only change that will be taking place. In fact, the government has already said that next year more tough decisions will need to be made. However, tripling the amount that students will have to pay for university seems like an incredibly high figure.

This rate hike is so high that it’s conceivable that only the rich and those that have high enough grades to warrant scholarships will get to go to university. This is very bad for any country. It is especially bad for a country that is used to a certain number of educated citizens and one that is fighting to stay ahead of developing countries. This can end up having a backfire effect for the future as less people will have the ability to earn a good income and pay more taxes as a result.

Making education unaffordable to many people is not a good policy. It can turn the UK which is currently with other top nations in education into one whose best years are behind them. Increasing the tuition rates is understandable under the circumstances, but tripling them could cripple the future of the UK. This does not appear to be a good decision.