U.S. politics heating up

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President Obama and the Democrats are really feeling the pinch of the upcoming mid term elections. They are on a path to losing a lot of seats in the House and Senate and perhaps even control. The main reason is, of course, the slow economic recovery. However, several bills that the Democrats passed in the President’s first two years in office have not been properly touted.

Republicans on the other hand have done a good job of promoting these bills in a negative way and this has helped them gain the lead in all the polls. Communication has been the biggest flaw of this administration and it threatens to cause fits in the November election. It is ironic that this is the biggest flaw because after all, communication is the President’s biggest strength and a major reason why he won so convincingly in 2008. The real election season usually starts to get interesting after Labour Day and this year it started like clock works.

On Labour Day, President Obama gave a speech in which he sounded much more like the Presidential candidate and less like the President. By this I mean he was very energetic, inspiring, motivating and made a strong case for the policies he put in place over the last two years. If he had been like this for the past two years then the Democrats would likely be in better shape and in a dead heat or even slightly up on the Republicans. We don’t know why he was not as strong in communicating his accomplishments in the last two years; perhaps he was busy trying to achieve them. Regardless, we will see if he is too late to make a difference in November.

This is what Democratic candidates have been waiting for and they will surely be more motivated to fight now. They only hope that the President continues to make the case on their behalf in the same way he did on Labour Day. This is really their only chance to make serious headway in the polls leading up to the election. Republicans hope that it is too little, too late for Democrats and that people are looking to give them a chance to make this recovery speed up. We will see in November how much the President was able to do in two months of campaigning at this level. I suspect it will have some impact but eventually the Democrats will still lose seats, perhaps less than it appears they will right now though.