U.S. economy gaining strength

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There are positive data points coming out now that suggest the U.S. economy is gaining strength and the recovery is picking up speed. I have been hoping and predicting this would happen for some time now and it appears that it is just beginning to occur. There is still a long way to go and the pace of recovery also has a lot of speed to pick up, but this is encouraging news and good economic news can translate into even more economic strength. It is an important cycle that has been long over due, but is better late than never.

Among the strong economic data was a report that focused on factories in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. That report showed a huge increase in business activity that was incredibly higher than expected. Although this is one segment of the economy in one geographic area of the country, it does mean something more than just good regional economic activity. For one, this is a very populated part of the country so we are talking about a sizeable area. Secondly, these factories obviously do a lot of business outside of the region and in fact, throughout the country and beyond. Also, if manufacturing activity is up in that region, then the items that are produced in these factories needs to be sold and that means other segments of the economy should see similar results as well.

This certainly looks like the very early stages of an increase in the pace of recovery and that is something we have all been waiting for. It will need to continue to speed up much more for it to reflect on the unemployment rate, but with some more patience, that appears to be around the corner.