Tunisia inspires other Arab countries

You may or may or not have heard by now about the events in Tunisia. The Tunisian people decided that they were sick of their dictator President, Ben Ali. Most Arab countries are ruled by similar types of undemocratic governments. Now people are hoping that Tunisia will inspire all of them to rise up against their governments and usher in an era of democracy.

However, there is also a serious risk in this potential trend. Many of these Arab populations are poorly educated and the education that they do receive is often riddled with anti-West propaganda. Everyone in the world deserves to live in a democratic society. However, democracy should not be inserted into a place with an ill informed electorate. A classic example of this is Gaza. During the George W. Bush Presidency, Gaza held elections. This resulted in terrorist organization, Hamas winning and now Gaza is officially run by terrorists. The reason for this was a lack of education and accurate information available to the population there.

Even Tunisia, which is acting bravely and should be recognized as such, may end up worse than before they revolted. The Muslim Brotherhood, an extreme religious Muslim group may end up in control there. If that happens, it will turn Tunisia from a relatively less religious Arab nation to a more extreme one. This is never good. It will also put pressure on the current Egyptian government because they have had  to curtail the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Egypt for a long time now. Unfortunately for most of these Arab countries, their choice is bad or worse. Either stick to the relatively moderate dictatorships they have now or rise up and risk having more extreme dictatorships take their place.

The Western world needs to focus on ways to inform the populations of these countries so that if and when they do revolt against their dictator leaders, the result will not be even worse dictators.