Trump not running for President

trump Pictures, Images and Photos Donald Trump announced yesterday that he will not run for President in 2012 after all. He said that he believes that he would beat President Obama, but that he wants to stay with his business instead. If he actually believes that he could beat the current President in a general election, then he must be smoking something powerful. Regardless, this is likely a good choice for him. He would not have come close to winning the election. In fact, he more than likely wouldn’t even win the Republican nomination. However, all that campaigning would likely cost him money, not to mention the opportunity cost he would incur by not focusing on his business.

The timing of his announcement is very interesting. He made his announcement not to run for President on the same day that NBC announced that they will bring back his show, The Celebrity Apprentice next season. This adds a lot of fuel to the fire to those that believe this whole thing was a publicity stunt to boost ratings for his show. Perhaps he felt like his show is getting stale (which it definitely is) and thought there was a chance that NBC would not renew it for next season. He figured that this quasi campaign would help him secure another season and if this was his strategy all along then he did a good job.

If this is true however, it would be interesting to know if he calculated what this would cost his image. Trump undoubtedly came out looking like a bit of a fool in the eyes of the vast majority of people. Focusing on dumb, racially charged conspiracy theories (Obama’s birthplace and school grades) only hurt his appeal. Also, for those that actually follow politics, he came out looking like a poor leader since he flip flopped on many issues compared to his past stances. Regardless, this whole dog and pony show is now over and Trump can focus on his businesses once again. He did promise to keep talking about issues he cares about like China and OPEC, but we will see if the real politicians will listen to him now.