True power of the media

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Most people don’t realize how powerful the media is in a society. The media is the leading influencer in societies. They can make big deals out of nothing and make actual big deals seem like nothing. The general views and opinions are formed by the media. People like to think that they form their own opinions on every issue. However, the reality is that the media forms most peoples’ opinions on most issues.

In free countries, this aspect of society is not uniform. Unlike in dictator led nations, the media in the free world has the additional role of being the honesty police of the government. It is completely independent of the government and is perhaps the most important aspect to a well functioning free society. The media keeps government honest and when elected officials do something wrong the media holds their feet to the fire. In addition, the media in free countries is a plural word. Take the U.S. as an easy example. In that country, there are news channels that are known to be left/liberal leaning in their opinions, like MSNBC. Then, there are the opposite news channels like Fox News which is right/conservative leaning. In the middle you have channels like CNN and others which try to be as down the middle as possible. This is something that simply does not exist in countries that are not real democracies.

In undemocratic countries like the Arab world as an example, the media is run by the government which uses it to mislead its citizens for that leader’s own benefit. This is state¬†propaganda¬†and is something that does not occur in the free world.

A free media is crucial to a free society. It is important to understand this when we watch the news. It should also serve as reminder to us how lucky we are to be living in a place where even the government is not beyond criticism and the law.