Trapped Chilean miners get 1,000 job offers

1,188 as of Tuesday actually (click here to read the report from AP). That number is probably even higher now. And you thought there were no jobs out there. All you had to do was get trapped in a mine for a few months and the job offers would be pouring your way.  This is even more relevant for the 33 trapped miners as the company they work for has filed for bankruptcy protection after the mine collapsed on August 5th.

During that time since the collapse and especially when it became known that the company would not be able to pay the wages anymore, job offers from large multinational mining companies have been streaming in. The companies offering jobs are obviously very understandable about the current situation the trapped miners are in and say that they will not put any deadline to hear back from them by. This is very reassuring for the miners to hear at a time like this.

I’m sure that their employment status is not the leading thought that occupies their minds right now but at least it allows them to look forward to not having to ever enter another mine again if they don’t want to. They are getting job offers not only for mining but for other positions like operating heavy machinery and risk reduction specialist (a role they might be uniquely qualified for now). They only need to persevere the next few months or so and then theirs and their families’ lives will be better than they were before the mine incident. These 33 trapped miners will have a good ending to their story when it’s all said and done.