Toyota Corolla and Matrix recall

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I hope no one will be surprised to read that Toyota is issuing yet another recall. This one is for 2005-2008 Corolla and Matrix in the U.S. and Canada. It encompasses about 1.13 million cars, about 200,000 of them in Canada. Without getting too technical and boring about the problem, it can make the engine stall which can cause an accident. There have been three accidents reported as having to do with this problem although they have not yet been confirmed.

This is obviously bad news for Toyota as it would be for any company having to issue a recall. However, the timing of this is particularly bad because Toyota was looking to shy away from such publicity after having to recall over 10 million vehicles less than a year ago for various problems. After a company goes through massive negative publicity for something like recalls, they typically try to spend the next months and years being the last company to be involved in that type of news again. When the company does have a repeat a few months to two years after the initial ordeal, the public thinks that it is a problem that the company does not know how to correct.

Companies usually spend money on marketing to repair their brand and Toyota has and is still doing that. When another recall comes up in the news then it tells the public that there is a serious problem in the company and they haven’t learned anything from past mistakes. This can cause people to leave them for good. However, it is up to the competition to pounce on this and hammer a nail in the coffin of Toyota. For the most part, companies like GM, Ford, Nissan and others have not done too much of this perhaps due to fear of coming off as childish or something.

Not going after one of the leaders in the industry when they have showed to be an awful manufacturer is not smart and shareholders for the competition should demand their companies kick Toyota while their down. In business it is the right thing to do and Toyota certainly deserves it. This doesn’t mean they should tell lies or anything like that. At this point, the truth is more than enough to make Toyota look like a Mickey Mouse operation.