Toronto mayoral race unfolding

 Toronto City Hall Pictures, Images and Photos

In a little over a month Toronto residents will be voting for who will be the new mayor of the city. The current leader in the polls is Rob Ford. He actually leads by a lot and it looks like if he ends up losing this election then it will be one of the biggest changes in the polling in a very long time anywhere in North America.

Although none of the five candidates have revealed their full plans yet and are still rolling them out slowly, it is clear that Rob Ford is looking to cut taxes and government size. So far, I don’t think his transportation plan will do anything to help the gridlock traffic this city has, but it also seems that it won’t cost much to implement. Overall, I don’t think he is that great of a candidate and I don’t know why he enjoys such a big lead in the polls. With that said, he may very well be the best of the bunch which isn’t saying much about the other four candidates running.

I only started seriously following this race recently, but so far I think Rob Ford and Rocco Rossi seem to be the best options. Rossi is currently in last place in the polls and I don’t know why that is, especially when you look at some of the other candidates here. In fact, the real story in this race is that none of these people look like they will make a great mayor. That’s unfortunate because our current mayor has done a poor job and the city can really use a good leader. Hopefully Toronto will do well in the next 4 years or so despite the apparent lack of talent at the mayoral level.