Time to accept UFC as major sports league

Huerta entering the Octogon Pictures, Images and Photos
There are still many people that despise mixed martial arts and the UFC. Some of these people hold influential positions in media which is very important for an up and coming sport. For this reason, many do not regard the UFC on par with other major sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, ATP, WTA, NHL and what ever else I may be missing. However, the UFC is surpassing boxing in popularity and globally it is bigger than hockey and some other sports as well. It also has a couple of stars that are helping the league grow.

UFC champions Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre are huge stars around the world. Silva (Brazil) and St. Pierre (Canada) are both marketable due to their professional and respectful conduct while fighting and while dealing with the media. In fact, St. Pierre already has a good endorsement deal with Under Armour and Silva recently signed lucrative deals with Burger King and Nike. The UFC itself recently signed a big deal with Fox Sports which will take it mainsteam like never before. It’s a deal that may end up being a nail in the coffin to boxing and to the naysayers of mixed martial arts.

It is understandable that there will always be some percentage of people that will never like MMA. This has always been the case with boxing so there is no reason why the same people that dislike boxing will like MMA. However, the majority of people are likely to come around to MMA if they haven’t already. The future of the UFC is very bright. As popular as the UFC is right now, it is still fairly early in its life cycle and still has a lot of room to grow. It has the potential to rival the biggest of the leagues I mentioned off the top. It is a sport that people should pay attention to if they aren’t already, otherwise they will risk being out of the loop.