Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods y’all

Tiger Woods' public address

Yesterday marked the first time that Tiger Woods made a public statement since his scandal broke out. Since his infidelity became known to the world, he has lost many endorsements and his business empire that he created throughout his career has gone downhill fast. He made a public statement which appeared to be very scripted and choreographed down to every word and the serious setting.

It was a very important statement for his future. I look at it as a crisis management situation no different from the one a CEO of an airline makes after one of his company’s passenger jets crashes and kills people. His wholesome image was one of the most valuable characteristics to the companies that endorsed him and some of them might not be gone forever if he makes the right moves. This includes his golf course moves and his non-golf related moves.

He did not indicate when he would return to the game of golf and I suspect it won’t be for some months because more time needs to pass for this to be something that can eventually be moved on from. In his public address he begun to rebuild his image by mentioning the work he has done and will continue to do for children, as well as, more subtle cues like hugging his mother.

This ordeal reminds me of what Kobe Bryant went through some years ago. Most people probably forgot about it (which means it was handled really well), but Kobe Bryant was accused of rape and ended up paying money to the girl and apologizing for it (basically admitting his guilt). That was much more serious than what Tiger Woods did. For Kobe Bryant, it was handled very well starting with his public address and then all the PR work since then. Now, he is even more liked and admired than before his scandal. Much of this has to do with his basketball success he has achieved since his problems, as well as, a consistent scene of his wife and kids greeting him after home games.

Tiger Woods will also need this type of scenario to be a staple of what the public sees and hears and in this he needs the help of his wife Elin. Also, it is just as important, if not more, that Tiger Woods once again attains incredible success on the golf course. If he never achieves the level of success he achieved before the scandal then everyone will remember that negative time in his life as the turning point of his career. However, if he works really hard and achieves even more success then in time, this scandal will be a distant memory for the public and just as importantly (from a business standpoint) for his sponsors.