The sneakerhead community

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A sneakerhead is a person that collects sneakers. It could be basketball shoes, cross trainers, casual sport shoes, it doesn’t matter as long as it looks cool and is hopefully rare. The leader of this category of shoes is Nike. You might think how can new pairs of shoes made by a giant like Nike be rare? Well, the marketing genius’ at Nike purposely make small amounts of certain shoes for the sneakerhead community. They do this so that they can charge multiple times the amount that a regular mass produced shoe would cost. It also helps their brand image.

It is actually really interesting how they do this. They create these rare sneakers and ship them out to only a few stores in the U.S. (and a few other countries). Sometimes, the stores don’t even order the shoes, they simply arrive at the stores unannounced. The coolest part is that these stores are not your typical Foot Locker. In fact, they often don’t even look like shoe stores at all. They are secret stores that only sneakerheads that are entrenched in that world would know about. This all adds to the desire the sneakerheads have to acquire these shoes.

I think Nike does an absolutely amazing job in this effort. It is quite difficult for such a large company to be able to reach niches like this with such small amounts of one product. Keep in mind, this is a global company that produces hundreds, if not thousands of new products in mass quantities every year. To be able make tiny amounts of a particular shoe and have the infrastructure in place to distribute it to the right stores is impressive. Even more impressive is that the target audience knows about it without formal advertising. It really is a great marketing story.