The power of good marketing

If you have ever thought that marketing is overrated and is not as useful to a business as advertisers would have you believe then you are mistaken. A good marketing campaign can do wonders for a company, regardless of whether the product or service is new or already established. There are hundreds of good examples to illustrate the point, but there is an example from this year that stands above all others in recent months and even years. I am talking about Old Spice body wash and the Old Spice man featured in the hugely popular commercials.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, below is the first of the commercials in this campaign. The videos first surfaced on the internet and gained a mass following and viewing on YouTube. Virtually everyone that watched the video could not stop laughing. Once Old Spice felt that the videos have simmered enough online, they began running the commercials on TV and in theatres before movie previews. By then, many people had already seen it, but they still enjoyed it. It is one of those commercials you can watch 100 times and still think it’s funny.

Some of you may be wondering why I waited this long to talk about this popular ad and marketing campaign. I waited until now because I wanted to see what it actually did for the company. Well, according to Nielsen, sales of Old Spice body wash have more than doubled in the last month. Even more impressive is that these products’ sales numbers were declining before the campaign launched. This is especially huge because Old Spice is well known to most people which makes it harder for them to generate excitement in the market.

The ad campaign has been so successful that even the its star, Isaiah Mustafa has parlayed it in to a minor role in an upcoming film starring Jennifer Aniston. Due to the popularity of the ads, Mustafa responded to viewers’ questions and comments, which was also very funny. This type of engagement is rare and really milks the ads for everything their worth. This campaign has been managed incredibly well and the decisions and strategies used should be taught in business schools across the world.