The most unchanged car to stay the same

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The car that is famous (or infamous) for the insult phrase “nice car, does it come in his?” has been around for almost a quarter century. The Mazda Miata has changed very little since its introduction in 1989. for 2013, the new Miata will sit in showrooms, women’s driveways and clueless men’s driveways looking very similar to the 1990 Mazda Miata from over 20 years ago. In an article by Motor Trend (click here to read the article and see the official photo) the 2013 Miata looks so similar to the original version built in ’89 that it is newsworthy. The Miata is a tiny two-seat convertible that is very light and not too powerful. It is considered to be more of a ‘chick’s car’ because of its small size and subtle design.

I cannot think of any other car model that has changed so little over such a long period of time. There are two main reasons for this. The look of the Miata is unlike any other car. It stands almost alone in size for any car (at least in North America) and that look has carved out a small niche in American culture (even though Mazda is Japanese). The other reason why Mazda will not be changing the Miata much for 2013 has more to do with common sense business.

Unlike any other time during the Miata’s existence, its small stature and engine will be a huge benefit. With gas prices high and likely to be only higher two years from now, the 2013 Miata will get more than 50 mpg. This may even propel the car to one of its best sales figures. It is a car that may become a logical choice for people to buy for the first time ever. Although you won’t catch me owning one (I’m a guy), the 2013 Mazda Miata will be one car that waited long enough to make sense, and it only took about 20-something years.