Testing really fast internet

Google announced yesterday that they are planning on testing out a new broadband internet network in the US that will be 100 times faster than current average internet speeds. They said that over the next 6 weeks they will be accepting proposals from communities who are interested in participating in this experiment. Google plans to try out this network on about 500,000 people.

Although they haven’t said when they will conduct this test and obviously we don’t know when these types of speeds will be the norm, it does raise the prospects of a wave of new and exciting innovations, inventions and of course, business opportunities. Google mentioned two examples of what will benefit greatly from this fast new network: 3D medical imaging and Hi-Def movie downloads. Theoretically, at these speeds an in depth image of a patient’s heart or colon can be taken, sent to the doctor and assessed within minutes, even if it is not an emergency. Doing all that now can take days and sometimes weeks.

For movies, if the speeds of downloading a Hi-Def movie will take about the same time as a song takes to download currently, then I can definitely see a big change in how companies like Blockbuster operate. This trend was already beginning to take place, but 100 times faster internet will certainly expedite that process.

Have you thought about how rich you would be if when the internet just started in the 90′s, you spent $2,000 or so and just bought up all kinds of internet domain names like nike.com, cnn.com and weather.com, just to name a few? I think about that all the time. If only we had the foresight to predict how valuable these assets would become. However, back then people were unwilling to look at these domain names as real assets because they weren’t tangible, and then came the dotcom bubble. Well, I think that when these new internet speeds come to market, an abundance of opportunities will arise that if you don’t jump on something, then 15 years from now (or when this new internet speed is available) you’ll be saying the same thing we say now about buying a whole bunch of domain names in the 90′s.