Terrorist tries to blow up plane, is there an opportunity here?

As you have probably heard by now, a Nigerian terrorist tried to blow up a plane on Christmas Day on a flight from Amsterdam headed to Detroit. Although at this time it isn’t exactly clear what he used and how he managed to bring it on the plane, it seems that he had some liquids and/or powders that were not detected by airport screening. One of the first thoughts in my mind as I heard about this story was a business idea. My actual idea is not what is important here though (don’t worry I’ll tell you the idea so you don’t keep wondering what it is). What is important is the mind set that every good business person and entrepreneur has and that is that even from the worst situations like a terrorist attack, or an attempted terrorist attack in this case, there is always an opportunity that arises. The good news is that this way of thinking can be learned and for those who are in business or those who would like to be, this is a very important trait to have.

If you are able to come up with business opportunities during some of the most distracting times, then surely you will be able to do so any time an opportunity is there for the taking and there is a better chance that you will think of it first. I can’t emphasize enough how important and beneficial this trait is for business people and future business people alike.

Now for the business opportunity I thought of during the news report. If there was a package that contained several common liquids that people generally want take with them on their flight but, can easily be determined whether or not it was never opened and had a air tight seal still in place, then airport security would be able to ban most other liquids and passengers would not be so inconvenienced with the rule. It could contain water, moisturizing lotion, perhaps toothpaste and some other common products that people bring and that don’t combine in some explosive manner. It would be sold in all grocery and convenience chains, as well as, at the airport itself for those who forgot to buy and are ok with overpaying for it. It would be smart to include the airport authority in the design so that they are familiar with it. This last point would be key as it would make this product the standard for air travel and that alone would propel the business to a multimillion dollar one.

I am sure if you really took some time to think about a business opportunity from this event, eventually you would think of a few. It’s ok if they don’t all make complete sense at first, the important thing is that you are training your mind to think in this way.