Talking search engine

There is a brand new search engine that is generating a lot of buzz. It’s called Qwiki and it is different than Google, Bing and Yahoo because it talks. When you submit a search query just like you would do on Google, the results are not shown in a search results list like we are all used to. Instead a brief summary of that search term is read out loud to you.

Although it is being called the next big thing in search engines, it is really more like Wikipedia. When I tried it out, the first thing I thought of was that it was like someone was reading me a short summary of a Wikipedia entry. The information is not user generated like Wikipedia, but it is like a talking encyclopedia. At least for now, it is limited in its database. Therefore, don’t bother typing your name in it and seeing what it says about you because unless you’re well known it won’t find anything.

I don’t see this as a real threat to Google or the other search engines. It may become somewhat of a threat to Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias (I can’t think of any other ones right now) in the future. It is fun to use because it has a futuristic feel to it and it reminds me of a great movie called The Fifth Element. There is a particular scene in that movie where someone has to learn everything about the world very quickly and Qwiki reminds me of the program used in the movie.

You should check Qwiki out and tell me what you think.