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Weaker U.S. Dollar both helps and hurts America

  The USD has been slowly weakening over the last few months. It is getting to the point that other countries are beginning to accuse the U.S. government and the Fed of intentionally weakening their own currency. This news is not good for the U.S. as they are in the middle of trying to convince [...]

CAD near parity with USD again

  The Canadian dollar (CAD) has not reached parity with the U.S. dollar (USD) since April of this year, until this past week. It didn’t close at par with it but reached it in intraday trading. Now analysts are saying that they think this is not just a short lived trend. They feel that for [...]

Doing business in USA vs. Canada

Between the USA and Canada there are many similarities in culture, people and lifestyle. There may not be two countries that are more similar to each other in the developed world than these two. However, there are some differences between the two nations and those differences dictate how businesses should alter their strategies when dealing [...]

Canadian dollar stays strong, but prices still high

  The Canadian dollar (CAD) has been relatively stable for a while now and has been hovering just below parity with the US dollar (USD). The CAD has been in the $0.95-$0.99 range for some months now with only short periods out of this range. Some parts of the Canadian economy are impacted negatively by this strong [...]

New $100 bill coming next year

Beginning February of 2011, a new U.S. $100 bill will be introduced in to circulation. This new bill follows updates to the $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills that began in 2003. The reason for the changes and updates are for security purposes to defend against counterfeiters. Most advanced nations update their currencies every so often to try [...]