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Bad start to holiday season for Toyota

Toyota has had a bad few days in the news which is the worst time of year to be having bad news (not that there is a good time for bad news). No company wants to have negative news stories written and talked about them right in the heart of the holiday shopping season. Unfortunately for [...]

Toyota Corolla and Matrix recall

  I hope no one will be surprised to read that Toyota is issuing yet another recall. This one is for 2005-2008 Corolla and Matrix in the U.S. and Canada. It encompasses about 1.13 million cars, about 200,000 of them in Canada. Without getting too technical and boring about the problem, it can make the engine [...]

Toyota’s plan to win customers back

  In the last little while, much of the talk about Toyota’s poorly built vehicles that have a tendency to accelerate unexpectedly and put people in danger have gone away. Toyota must be very happy that their nightmare is over. Although the nightmare might be over, at least the media onslaught they went through, the [...]

Another Toyota recall- surprise, surprise

Just as I have predicted several times, Toyota is issuing another recall on their vehicles for a new problem, totally unrelated to all the others we’ve seen over the last 9 months (and there have been many). This one involves some of their most expensive Lexus models throughout the world. Among the models being recalled this [...]

Cannibalism in the auto industry

The auto industry is fairly structured with its overall line up of vehicles. There are many categories of cars and most of these categories have about 5 main models from the various manufacturers. In order to compete in a wide assortment of categories, some car makers have multiple brands. This allows them to have a [...]