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Is Tea Party right about default?

The United States is hurling itself toward defaulting on its debts. I say hurling ‘itself’ because they can easily afford to pay their debt if they simply raise their debt ceiling (a simple vote in Congress) and issue bonds so they can continue borrowing (normal course of business action). However, the far-right Tea Party members [...]

Midterm elections today, entire world is affected

Today is Election Day in the U.S. and it is looking very likely that the Democrats will lose many seats and probably some control in the Congress. President Obama will find that he has even less people to work with than he has right now after the election results and this will impact more than just [...]

Is the Tea Party extreme?

  It is a growing movement in the U.S. right now that is changing the landscape of politics there. The Tea Party is a right-wing, conservative movement with no official leader, but it has surprisingly been winning elections over Republican candidates. The real test of course, will come in the mid term elections when they try to win some [...]

Will Sarah Palin run for President in 2012?

  This past Friday, Sarah Palin attended and spoke at a Republic Party fundraiser in Iowa. The location alone (Iowa) generated enough buzz about her potential Presidential run to reach headline status on major news outlets. So what’s the big deal about Iowa you ask? Well, Iowa is usually the first state that candidates go [...]

U.S. mid-term election season starting

  The U.S. will have a mid-term election later this year, but anyone that follows politics will tell you that it really has already begun. Various politicians have essentially already started to campaign, including the President. Generally, the party in power (in this case, the Democratic Party) tends to lose some Senate and House seats [...]