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A new Kindle

Amazon announced this week that they have a new and improved Kindle ebook reader and will begin shipping them in about one month to about 100 countries. If you have read any of my past posts regarding the Kindle, you know that I am not a big fan of the device. However, I am slowly starting [...]

Blackberry tablet in the works?

Blackberry maker, Research In Motion (RIM) may be working on a tablet product to directly compete with the Apple iPad. There isn’t too much information out there about this potential product, except that it will have a slightly smaller screen than the iPad and some other specs that I won’t mention because everyone seems to have [...]

Apple iPad, did it meet the hype?

  On Wednesday, Apple unveiled their much hyped tablet called iPad. There was so much hype and anticipation for this announcement that it was almost impossible to meet it, let alone exceed it. Before I get in to my thoughts on this new iPad I want to voice my displeasure with something surrounding the announcement itself. [...]

Amazon pre-empts Apple

Amazon.com announced Wednesday that it would give more money to small, independent authors and publishers that use the Kindle Digital Text Platform and sell their books through the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. They agreed to pay authors almost twice as much, up to $6.15 for a book that sells $8.99, not too bad. There are terms [...]

Apple’s new rumoured product can affect many industries

Shares of Apple reached an all time high today fueled by rumours, yes rumours, of a new tablet product. This device is said to have a touch screen like an iPhone but larger and will essentially be a computer, but perhaps with a greater emphasis on media. There are also those who may be in [...]