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How to profit from a volatile stock market

If you are someone who follows the stock market, even if you are not invested in it then you would have noticed that in the last week or so, it has been extremely volatile. The largest change came when the Dow dropped almost 1,000 points before it recovered 2/3 of it in the same day. [...]

Economy is starting to roar

Perhaps the title of this post is a bit exaggerated because usually when someone uses ‘economy’ and ‘roar’ in the same sentence then it means that things are going extremely well. However, I am not being sarcastic about the economy’s performance either. The reality is that the economy is clearly starting to recover and although [...]

Stock market going up steadily

Over the past month or so, the stock market in the US has been steadily climbing. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (the most popular index) is close to reaching the 11,000 mark which it has not seen since the stock market began its free fall in autumn of 2008, almost one and a half years ago. [...]

Obama and uncertainty

Since President Obama announced his health care plan and every subsequent serious discussion he has had about it since then, the market dipped led by the pharmaceutical industry. Also, since he announced his plan to reform the banks and place a levee or tax on them, the market sank led by the banking sector. Why is this? I [...]

Are January blues a sign of things to come?

In the first part of this month I wrote a post about the “January effect’, click here to read it. It discussed the significance of the first 5 trading days of the year, specifically how it has historically been a fairly accurate predictor of how the stock market will do for the rest of the [...]