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Russia wants in on missle defense system

Russia has made it clear that they want an equal voice and coverage in the missile defense system which is led by the U.S. and includes Europe. The U.S. has already indicated that it would include Russia as a part of the proposed missile defense system, but there aren’t many details about it thus far. [...]

Eyeing the arctic riches

  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is touring the Canadian north up in the Arctic. There are barely any people there and it is certainly not an area that is very important in terms of potential votes to win over. So why is he interested in the ice cold Arctic? For the same reason that [...]

Opportunity made by politics

  By now, we all know (or should know) about the global problems the advanced world has with Iran. Recently, further sanctions were placed on that country because they are trying to build nuclear weapons and are evading international pressure to stop. The sanctions that have been recently passed by the UN Security Council, plus some [...]

Russia selling new fighter jet

  On Thursday, the new Russian fighter jet called the T-50 performed a test flight (not the first one) and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was on hand and even sat in the cockpit of the aircraft. This plane is said to be the first warplane Russia has made since the Soviet Union collapsed about 20 years ago. The [...]

Western forces to march through Red Square

For people in Russia, May 9th is an important date on the calendar. It is Victory Day, the day that Nazi Germany capitulated to the then Soviet Union. It is celebrated every year in Russia and for the last two years Vladimir Putin has re-started the Soviet era tradition of parading tanks, missiles and low [...]