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New Blackberry Playbook tablet

  Yesterday, Blackberry maker RIM unveiled a new tablet product that will hit stores early next year and will compete with the iPad. It is called the Blackberry Playbook and RIM is hoping to be the first successful competitor to Apple in this tablet category. Pricing on the Playbook has not been announced yet but one [...]

RIM’s headache with new Torch

  The new Blackberry Torch has barely been out for a week but already there are headaches for RIM. The Blackberry maker was hoping that the new Torch would compete with the iPhone, at least somewhat but it looks like that hope is quickly diminishing. After a less than stellar sales debut for the new [...]

RIM in the news

  This week started off very busy for Blackberry maker, RIM. First, we heard about the United Arab Emirates being unhappy that RIM is not letting that government access to the unencrypted messages that users send. RIM’s network encrypts all the messages which makes them very secure. However, some governments do not like the fact that they [...]

Blackberry tablet in the works?

Blackberry maker, Research In Motion (RIM) may be working on a tablet product to directly compete with the Apple iPad. There isn’t too much information out there about this potential product, except that it will have a slightly smaller screen than the iPad and some other specs that I won’t mention because everyone seems to have [...]

Tech giant H.P. buys Palm for $1.2 billion

For a little while now there has been a lot of talk about which company will end up acquiring Palm, makers of those Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) that were so popular before the rise of the smartphone. The two main companies that were being talked about as possible buyers were Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC and [...]