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Wind turbines can help grow crops by changing temperature

  I recently read an interesting article in a reputable online science news site called Science Daily (click here to read it). It highlighted new findings from a study that looked at if and how wind turbines affect the temperature of the area they are located in. The study showed that in fact, wind turbines [...]

Emerging trend for big business

There is an emerging and growing trend that more and more big companies are adopting. I recently read a report in the New York Times (click here to read it) about GM investing $100 million and starting a venture capital firm for start-ups in the field of renewable energy and other advanced technologies. This follows a similar [...]

Another big alternative energy idea

Recently, there has been a lot of hype around a Silicon Valley, California company called Bloom Energy. They produce something called the Bloom Energy Server which is an on-site fuel cell which can generate energy from natural gas or renewable energy sources. It is being touted as the first fuel cell technology that can be installed easily and [...]

What will new oil drilling mean?

On Wednesday, President Obama announced plans to allow a few more areas in the offshore US waters to be open for drilling for oil and natural gas. This move may be surprising to some as this is a President that was supposed to be all about clean and renewable energy but, if you really listened to [...]

Google close to solar energy breakthrough

We all know Google as being a company specializing in the world’s leading search engine. Did you ever even think that they had their hands in any other industry? Well, on Friday they announced that they are on the verge of a breakthrough in solar panel technology. By ‘on the verge’ I really mean 2-3 years, but [...]