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Are we heading for another recession?

Every day now, more and more people and experts are saying that another recession is coming or may already be here. Since a recession is a technical term with various definitions, it makes officially declaring a recession a cloudy decision. Also, since it is a technical term it’s dependant on indicators from the economy, all [...]

Recession strengthened the world

The global recession took a large toll on many people, but it resulted in the global economy being smarter and stronger for the future. The top bank regulators and central bankers of the world agreed yesterday to global bank rules that increase the amount of money banks need to hold at all times. This new [...]

European stress tests not so important

On Friday, the EU released the results of the European bank stress test. This stress test has been in the news for a little while now as experts and investors were waiting what the outcome would be. You may remember the term ‘stress test’ being used a lot a little over a year ago because that’s [...]

2010 gets early start to recovery

A day before the first day of 2010 some good news came out of a weekly jobless claims report in the US. It shows that American workers applied for jobless benefits in continuously smaller numbers than the previous week. This is the 17th consecutive week with the same trend. This means that since the trend began, the economy has been [...]

Recession brings opportunities for those with money

This recession that we are slowly starting to come out of gave those who have money to invest some incredible business opportunities that would be hard to come by any other time. The root cause of the recession began when people started to fail in making mortgage payments on homes they purchased. Normally, there is [...]