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Huge rare earth elements find in ocean

A massive amount of rare earth minerals has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean, in international waters by a Japanese team. Rare earth elements are essential to making many products including mobile phones, TV screens and hybrid batteries, among many other important products. The part that is most important in this story is that currently [...]

China politicizing a crucial industry

  Rare earth elements are crucial to our daily lives. They are 17 metals which are almost exclusively mined in China (97% of them). This is mainly because China is much more lenient when it comes to mining restrictions and environmental concerns than other capable nations. Rare earth elements are key materials in so many [...]

A $1 trillion business in Afghanistan’s future?

Afghanistan is an unfortunate nation that has been in a state of war for decades. It is a largely lawless and very dangerous country ruled by militants, criminals and tribal leaders (who are often also criminal). The former Soviet army could not tame this country and the U.S. military and their allies are finding it to be a [...]

Next big industry: Rare earth elements

That’s right, the headline is correct. One of the next big industries to watch for in the next few years is rare earth elements, also known by their acronym, REE’s. These are elements that are not actually rare as their name suggests, but they are not generally found in concentrated deposits like other mined elements. This [...]