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U.S. politics heating up

  President Obama and the Democrats are really feeling the pinch of the upcoming mid term elections. They are on a path to losing a lot of seats in the House and Senate and perhaps even control. The main reason is, of course, the slow economic recovery. However, several bills that the Democrats passed in [...]

U.S. mid-term election season starting

  The U.S. will have a mid-term election later this year, but anyone that follows politics will tell you that it really has already begun. Various politicians have essentially already started to campaign, including the President. Generally, the party in power (in this case, the Democratic Party) tends to lose some Senate and House seats [...]

Financial reform closer to becoming law

  After months of debate and negotiations, the financial reform bill that President Obama and the Democrats really wanted to put in place is now completed and will go through the House and Senate before the President will sign it in to law. Their goal is to have the President do that by the 4th [...]

Business to replace part of NASA

On Thursday, U.S. President Obama announced his vision for NASA for the next 25+ years. His plan includes the development of a spacecraft capable of sending astronauts in to deep space and landing on an asteroid and eventually on Mars. This is very exciting and although it is many years away, it will be interesting to [...]

What will new oil drilling mean?

On Wednesday, President Obama announced plans to allow a few more areas in the offshore US waters to be open for drilling for oil and natural gas. This move may be surprising to some as this is a President that was supposed to be all about clean and renewable energy but, if you really listened to [...]