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No iPhone 5, only 4S

Apple released its latest iPhone today and everyone around the world was waiting and expecting an iPhone 5. Well, they did unveil a new iPhone but it isn’t called iPhone 5. Instead, they called it iPhone 4S. This is a much more accurate name for this product because it is a refresh of the current [...]

iPhone announcement in one week

Apple announced that in one week from today, they will hold an event called “Let’s talk iPhone”. We all know what that means, a new iPhone. The venue is a bit of a surprise this time, being held at their Cupertino, California headquarters. Usually they like to hold such events at larger venues, not sure [...]

AT&T preparing for new iPhone

A bunch of media outlets reported yesterday that cell phone carrier giant AT&T in the U.S. is informing their employees and stores to be ready for large amounts of customers coming to their locations to pick a new iPhone that will be launched in early to mid September. This seems to be the most concrete [...]

iPhone Nano coming soon?

There are a lot of rumours that Apple will be announcing a new iPhone that will be smaller, cheaper and available later this year. Rumours like this about future Apple products are nothing new, but this time there are major news outlets that are reporting on it which give it some credibility. There have apparently [...]

iPhone 4 unveiled

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the newest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4. It is now apparent that the leaked photos from Gizmodo and from Vietnam were accurate (actually, Steve Jobs already admitted that it was about a week ago). The iPhone is billed as a slimmer, faster, more efficient and simply better iPhone than all the [...]