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Dell making a tablet push

Dell Inc., one of the world’s largest PC makers and technology companies will be launching a tablet product called the Dell Streak this summer. It will first be sold in the UK (next month) and then in the U.S. later in the summer. This decision to debut somewhere other than the U.S., where its headquarters are [...]

Steve Jobs tears in to Adobe

On Thursday, Apple CEO and one of the most admired and respected executives in the world, Steve Jobs took time to write an open letter to software maker Adobe Systems Inc. The issue revolves one of Adobe’s software products, Flash which everyone uses on their computers to watch videos, play certain games and view a [...]

Another nail in the coffin for newspapers

As if the struggling newspaper industry needed some more bad news about its future outlook, a survey done by the trusted Pew Research Centre provides just that. This recent survey showed that 26% of Americans read their news on their cell phones. Think about that for a minute. 5 Years ago or so, that number would be much [...]

Apple iPad, did it meet the hype?

  On Wednesday, Apple unveiled their much hyped tablet called iPad. There was so much hype and anticipation for this announcement that it was almost impossible to meet it, let alone exceed it. Before I get in to my thoughts on this new iPad I want to voice my displeasure with something surrounding the announcement itself. [...]