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Middle East peace talks this week

  This week, leaders from Israel and the Palestinian territories (West Bank, not Gaza) will meet with President Obama in Washington to begin the first round of peace talks. The hope which is far fetched to many is that the talks will eventually end with a stable and real Palestinian state, as well as, a [...]

Middle East peace talks to start again

  It was announced yesterday that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians would commence on September 2nd in Washington D.C. This alone means nothing if it doesn’t yield the results the U.S. envisions of having the talks end in an agreement within one year. By that they mean that everyone will agree and begin [...]

Middle East irony

The Middle East is filled with irony. The most obvious example of irony there is that it is supposed to be home to the most religious and sacred places on earth. The religions that were created there all speak of peace being their most important aspect. However, the Middle East is also home to the [...]

Religious drain on economy

  Participating at a frequent level in an organized religion can sometimes make you well connected and able to succeed in business. Many Priests and Rabbis have fairly large organizations and do quite well for themselves. However, as an economy, this can also be a big money loser. There is no better example of this than [...]

Israel’s discovery is a new reason to fight

  As you may or may not have heard sizeable natural gas discoveries have been made in the past 18 months or so in Israel. The reserves are located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of the northern Israeli city of Haifa. The location of this find is completely within the territory of Israel, but [...]