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Iraq war ending for America

  The United States made news this week by announcing that their last combat brigade is leaving Iraq. This is not a surprise by any means and is right on the track that President Obama mentioned a while ago. However, that fact that it is actually happening is a big deal. For most of the time since [...]

Middle East irony

The Middle East is filled with irony. The most obvious example of irony there is that it is supposed to be home to the most religious and sacred places on earth. The religions that were created there all speak of peace being their most important aspect. However, the Middle East is also home to the [...]

Opportunity made by politics

  By now, we all know (or should know) about the global problems the advanced world has with Iran. Recently, further sanctions were placed on that country because they are trying to build nuclear weapons and are evading international pressure to stop. The sanctions that have been recently passed by the UN Security Council, plus some [...]

Iran unhappy about sanctions and satellite

  A little over a month ago, I wrote about the U.S.’ plans to place and enforce sanctions on the Iranian regime to make them change their plan to build a nuclear bomb (click here to read it). In that post, I introduced you to one of the top people that are working to on this [...]

The plan to change Iran’s plans

The U.S. and their allies are looking at ways to deal with the Iranian threat. Iran is in the midst of developing a nuclear capability, more than likely to have a nuclear bomb(s). The U.S. does not want Iran to reach this point and they would very much prefer not to have to resort to military [...]