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For the guy who has everything…

  There is one product out there that is generating a lot of buzz and millions of sales that is mainly useful for the person who has everything. That product is the Apple iPad. The iPad has sold over 2 million units and the pace does not seem to be slowing down. The product itself [...]

Business lessons from Steve Jobs

This week is the D Conference which is the All Things Digital conference. Many of the top CEO’s and companies in the tech industry are interviewed and featured during the event and there are none more influential than Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. He had an interview at this conference where he discussed many issues, some [...]

Dell making a tablet push

Dell Inc., one of the world’s largest PC makers and technology companies will be launching a tablet product called the Dell Streak this summer. It will first be sold in the UK (next month) and then in the U.S. later in the summer. This decision to debut somewhere other than the U.S., where its headquarters are [...]

iPhone and iPad in the news

On Monday, reports came out that Google’s smartphone software/operating system called Android has been outselling the iPhone in the U.S. in the first quarter. Although this sounds like a big blow to Apple, especially since it was beaten by 7% it isn’t a true battle. The Android is only an operating system and is used in about [...]

iPad outselling iPhone

I have a very good question for everyone today: Who is buying the Apple iPad? Apparently 1 million people have already bought the iPad and it has only been out for 1 month. This is a much faster pace than the original Apple iPhone had when it was first introduced. What makes these figures even more [...]