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Apple unveils iOS5, iCloud

Apple unveiled their much anticipated iCloud service on Monday that will automatically store your info, apps and settings from your iPhone, iPad and PC in the cloud (a central Apple server). It will also automatically push that info to your other devices so you no longer will have a certain app only on your iPhone [...]

Apple uses common strategy

Apple Inc. has implemented a very common strategy to help overcome the bad publicity over the iPhone 4 design flaw. You surely recall only a month ago when Apple CEO, Steve Jobs held a press conference where he admitted Apple made a mistake with the iPhone 4 design. So what strategy did they implement? Axe [...]

Apple addresses iPhone 4 problem

  On Friday, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs held a press conference to announce the iPhone maker’s plans to fix the dropped calls problem with their new iPhone 4. There was a lot of talk about whether or not they would issue a recall or just some sort of fix for the issue. They decided to [...]

iPhone 4 sells, but potential defect looms

  Apple Inc. sold 1.7 million iPhone 4′s in the first 3 days which makes it the best selling iPhone over that span. The phone is the most advanced and capable in the market and like its predecessors, it sets the benchmark that all other competitors will follow. However, there seems to be a problem [...]

For the guy who has everything…

  There is one product out there that is generating a lot of buzz and millions of sales that is mainly useful for the person who has everything. That product is the Apple iPad. The iPad has sold over 2 million units and the pace does not seem to be slowing down. The product itself [...]