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Are January blues a sign of things to come?

In the first part of this month I wrote a post about the “January effect’, click here to read it. It discussed the significance of the first 5 trading days of the year, specifically how it has historically been a fairly accurate predictor of how the stock market will do for the rest of the [...]

How to invest in Africa

I have wanted to discuss the merits of investing in Africa in the same way that companies invested in South East Asia many years ago for a while now, but I hesitated because people would more than likely say that it is unrealistic due to the poor infrastructure and uneducated population. I was waiting for some company or entrepreneur to [...]

The telling ‘first 5 trading days of the year’

This past week there was a lot of talk about the first five trading days of 2010. Economists, traders, CEO’s, investors and other influential people kept a close eye to see if the stock market finished up by the end of the week more so than they usually do. Why? This type of data has been tracked since 1900. [...]

Stock market is not reflective of economy

The stock market, primarily the American ones have done quite well since March of 2009 when they were at their lowest point. It is easy to just look at how the Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and even the TSX index for that matter are doing from time to time and assume that those numbers are reflective [...]