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Big companies that missed great opportunities

While searching for something totally unrelated on Google the other day, I stumbled upon a very interesting article from articlebase.com. I often place a link to an article I’ve read and am basing part of my post on for you to read. Whether you read that linked article or not does not usually effect what you [...]

Everyone wants to be in business

Becoming an entrepreneur is something that is coveted by many people around the world. Many of these people are not even in business or have a business mind, let alone any actual business experience or background. However, even many legitimate business people make the same killer mistake that the dreamers make. What I am referring to is running [...]

Dress for success

When working for someone, whether it’s a big or small company, the dress code for work is always easy to obtain. You usually need to wear a uniform if that is the requirement or a suit, or slightly less formal business attire, depending on the business and your position. However, what do you wear if you are [...]

Where the rich people are

This world has over 1,000 billionaires in it, actually 1,011 to be exact, according to Forbes. There are also plenty more millionaires found in most countries in the world. The vast majority of those billionaires are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, business owners and some politicians (which can also be described as business owners). The top 10 richest people on earth are all business owners, [...]

Business lessons from Amish people

  They say that life lessons can be found in the most unlikely places. The same can be said for lessons in business. Although they live incredibly different lives from the rest of society, the Amish do offer some important lessons about business that all business people and entrepreneurs can use. They also have some credibility [...]