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Why is China quiet over North Korea?

  As I’m sure you heard by now, North Korea attacked South Korea for no apparent reason. Well, they had a reason but it didn’t really involve the victim in the act. However, there is one country in the region that could easily have prevented this and could stop something like this or worse from happening again. You may be thinking the [...]

China politicizing a crucial industry

  Rare earth elements are crucial to our daily lives. They are 17 metals which are almost exclusively mined in China (97% of them). This is mainly because China is much more lenient when it comes to mining restrictions and environmental concerns than other capable nations. Rare earth elements are key materials in so many [...]

GM seeing an opportunity

  Since 2007, when GM had to sell their financing company, GMAC, they have had a somewhat tougher time leasing and selling their vehicles to people with less than optimal credit. In the past when they owned their own financing company, they were able to approve customers that had a bad credit rating which was [...]

Small Canadian company gets foreign investment

Toronto-based, Public Mobile, one of the new entrants to the Canadian cell phone carrier market announced yesterday that they received a $350 million investment from the Export-Import Bank of China. The money is intended to be used to build a wireless network throughout southern Ontario and in to Quebec. If Public Mobile will have a legitimate [...]

China will ease it’s pegged yuan currency

  On Saturday, China indicated that it will let their currency, the yuan be more flexible and no longer be pegged to the US dollar. The timing of this announcement has been well thought out by the Chinese as we are less than a week away from the G20 meeting in Toronto. President Obama just [...]